Friday, December 7, 2012

The economic case for government funding of art and culture is heating up. Time for some lemonade...

Here's a short video by my friend David Castello-Lopes and his collaborator Léonard Cohen, which makes the case for public funding of culture in a witty and elegant way. It's set in the Tuileries Gardens in Paris, but I'm hoping I can persuade David and Léonard to do one for the UK too, although the message is universal.

The issue of how to value culture in economic terms was hotly debated by participants at the recent Forum d'Avignon. Isn't it time we convened our own version of Forum d'Avignon here in the UK to make a forceful case for the fact that the arts and culture generally are not just superfluous add-ons that people do in their evenings and free time, but a critical part of the engine of economic growth.

Maybe we should be rallying support from Guardian Culture Professionals and others to create a two- or three-day forum to drive this message home.

  The Parable Of The Tuileries. Public funding in culture and arts: A handful of positive economic aspects. from Léonard Cohen on Vimeo.

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